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Trees, Trailers and Indoor Camping

The first order of the day this morning was a bit of grocery shopping.  I did that a 8:00am because I had a 9:00-11:00 window for the cable guy.  The cable guy reliably showed up at 11:30.


I didn’t waste the time however.  In preparation for the imminent arrival of my already 3 days overdue travel trailer I did a bit of cleaning up around the property.

During my tool shopping spree I picked up a great Stihl chainsaw, which I put to use straight away to take down a dead fruit tree that was in danger of falling right in the spot I plan to put the trailer. Buy the time cable guy arrived the tree was down and all cleaned up.  I’ll call that progress.


Next on the list, temporary home.  I have been waiting for a few days for a weather window to move the trailer from the family farm up a steep slippery icy mountain road.  It’s been below freezing for 3 or 4 days and moving a 30ft camper down a luge track seemed a bit foolish.  Fortunately, the sellers have a good rapport with the road maintenance bloke, who in turn generously sanded the road to enable the trailer retrieval. 4×4 low and a very slow crawl easily got the monster down the hill. It didn’t come home with me though, it needed to make an overnight stop at the RV shop, 20 min the wrong way on the highway.  RV guy Neil promised to have repairs done tomorrow, give the trailer a once over, and give me an systems orientation.

One thing I will say about the Kootaneys is that everyone I have met here has been super friendly and helpful. Good people.


Since the trailer doesn’t get here until tomorrow, Mikka and I have decided to camp in the living room of the house.  It’s pretty cold tonight (-10°C) so we have the fire going, plus 3 space heaters to try and keep the un-insulated space a little bit warm.  I unrolled the mattress we bought for the trailer to sleep on, apparently when memory foam is stored in sub-zero temperatures for a few days it takes a while get it’s shape back.  hopefully it will be flat and a little bit soft by bedtime.


While waiting for the bed to flatten, and to try and keep warm I assembled the new table saw.  Here it is, ready for work, against the dramatic backdrop of current dining room decor.

From my fireside living room lawn chair, goodnight.


  1. Gil Elliot Gil Elliot

    Adventurous and ambitious task ahead. I don’t envy you working in the cold. Sometimes it is hard to see the end from the beginning, but this looks to have a great story. Good luck and above all, be safe, when you are working alone. Am anxious to see the work as it progresses.

    From father in law Gil, having a beer fireside!

    • Andrew Andrew

      So far I’m taking it in stride. Will try to keep the updates coming, in between beers.

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