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The adventure begins with our 1900’s fixer upper on Kootenay Lake

Day 1

We officially own the 1907 house and acreage on Kootenay Lake in Harrop, BC just 20 minutes outside Nelson, BC.  Andrew left yesterday with Mikka and they arrived today to start on our major renovation of the Harrop house.  I am staying here in North Vancouver to work and pay for the mortgage and other expenses so that Andrew can work on the house for the next 6 month or so.  We will have some help with foundation repairs, beams, well and a new septic field.  Most of everything else Andrew is planning on renovated himself.  This is a huge challenge for Andrew to take on but this has been a dream of his for a long time.  And now the dream has become realty.  It’s scary and daunting but I am proud of him and I believe in him and know that he will turn this into our dream home.  I’ll be making trips to visit and help out when I can.  Apparently, Mikka is loving the property all ready.  This is her home now and I am so excited for her to live here in her prime and her retirement.  Here we come!  The adventure begins!

Kristie xo


-Above: a photo of the house on Nov 24th, 2015  the day we got the keys.


  1. Gil Elliot Gil Elliot

    Looking forward to following your story Kristie. Hopefully Andrew has that master suite ready for your next visit!


  2. Hi Kristie !! Your dad just let me know that you bought this property in our neck of the woods – how exciting ! Do you think Andrew (and you, if you make the trip out) would come for a visit and perhaps a meal sometime if he wants to take a break from the work? You could even stay overnight if time allows. If you take the ferry from Balfour, we are just an hour down Hwy 3A from Kootenay Landing/Bay. Would love to see you both.
    ps – I’m expecting a grandson on Dec 23 – also exciting !

    • Thanks aunt Debby! I will let him know and I a hoping to get down there sometime! What a gift to have a grandson at Christmas!

  3. Diane Rizun Diane Rizun

    Congratulations on the house! I posted in another blog of yours thinking you were renovating the old Harrop barn. I have many memories of working for Herb Harrop in the 1960’s as a teenager. It is lovely to know that the old house and property is so cared for.

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