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On Wednesdays I go Shopping

I’m OK

Today was a fun day, I was a lumberjack.

One of the things that really needed to be done in the first month here was re-routing the driveway. The family that sold us the property continues to own the lots on either side. They only had one driveway for the two properties.  The entry is on our side of the property line, but quickly crosses on to the adjacent lot. A stipulation of our purchase contract was for us to change the drive so we are not crossing the neighbouring land when coming and going.  The sellers agreed to give us access for a month after possession.

Our lot is lightly forested near Erindale Road so I needed to cut a new path through the trees.  I tried to create a route that would minimize the number of trees that needed to be cut.  I ended up only having to take down two 6-8 inch diameter pines, the rest was mostly scrub and a few dead or anemic little trees. Mikka was an excellent assistant faller, she would sit behind be when asked, and then grab and drag off the branches as I cut them.

Trying my best to look the part with chainsaw and gear (safety first!)

I don’t really  like the idea of murdering trees for any reason, although Lumberjacking for the day was actually quite fun.  I couldn’t help but singing to myself all day long…

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