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Nowhere to Poop

The guys from West Kootenay Septic solutions showed up to check out the septic system.  As expected, it was so old and undersized that it will need to be completely replaced.  The good news is that the soil here is very sandy and will drain quickly.  “Easy to dig, and means a less expensive system” says Michael from WKSS.  In preparation for putting in the new system, Michael collapsed the old tank and filled it in.

digging for septic gold

I also picked up the Trailer from Horizon RV with all repairs made.  I can’t say enough how happy I am that I didn’t have to tow one of these things all the way from Vancouver.  At 7500 pounds dry, it is very near the towing limit for my 1/2 ton truck and 80km/h on the highway was about as much as I could comfortably muster. It was only about a 40 minute trip though, and it all went very smoothly, save for scraping the scratch guards at the very back while loading onto the Harrop-Proctor ferry.

The trailer nestled into her winter home

You would think that fresh plumbing repairs on the trailer means that I am in business for doing my… errr ‘business’, but it’s -10 degrees, and I have to thaw out the well pump before I can run water to the RV.  No water = NO flushing.  Considering that also the septic tank has been crushed into little pieces, I think I’ll be going out for… ummm ‘breakfast’.


  1. Janet Elliot Janet Elliot

    Andrew, did you have a good breakfast?

  2. Dad Dad

    Hi Andrew. Good to see you have a blog so I can see how thing are coming along. Great to see you’ve had a good start and your dreams and plans are to come true. It’s a great adventure for both of you. This is the meat of your life, so eat every ounce of it and lick the plate and enjoy it all. Life is made of these moments. Got some good tools I see; a bit at a time. the truck looks good in front of the trailer and it looks in good nick too. Good luck and choose the safe way to do things; you are by yourself. good stuff Andrew.

    • Andrew Andrew

      Thanks Dad, I am taking it all in.

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