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Home Sweet Home

I arrived over two months  ago to an over the moon dog and happy husband.  I felt excited driving down our long and bumpy drive way through the aspens, cottonwoods and Douglas fir.  I had arrived!  The trailer seemed smaller then I remembered it in February but at least the weather was pleasant and time would be spent outside working on the house, playing with Mikka and exploring the area.  Below is Mikka seeing myself after 9 weeks part.  She was definitely not mad.

©HarropHouse_com-AD0516_00670©HarropHouse_com-AD0516_00653Shortly after arriving I took off for a 5 day retreat in the surrounding mountains of Nelson.  This is such a Nelson thing to do I know but it’s something I needed to ease the transition, gain perspective and healing from our miscarriages and on living a wonderful and fulfilling life without children.  It was about letting go, and honoring the emotional self as much as the physical body.    Since being here in Nelson for over two months already, the anxiety I carried from the buzz of the city has greatly diminished and I have embraced the Kootenay life.  Which is a very chill laid back kind of way.  There is a clock in the post office that says you are on Kootenay time!!  Andrew has been working hard on the house, especially when we hired Alan a licensed builder for the next 4 weeks.   A lot more gets done when there is an extra experienced set of hands.    I  started work at a local physio clinic in Nelson.  I will be there til the end of August and then who knows! In the meantime Andrew and I have explored a couple trails around our area, a back country trip to mount Crawford, some mountain bike trails that I use for trail running, and paddle boarding up the lake to some lovely sandy beaches.©HarropHouse_com-AD0616_00799
Above Proctor looking over Balfour, waiting for Northern lights that never came to this part of the lake in early June.

We bought some paddle boards as our first water purchase.  We have used them almost daily with Mikka  coming along for the ride every time.©HarropHouse_com-AD0516_00675
Canada day celebration on Bedframe mountain biking  trail overlooking Nelson, BC shot by my husband Andrew©andrewdoran_com-NelsonBC-CanadaDay2016
Hiking and camping along ridges near Mt Crawford and plaid lake.

Life is good!  The adventure of Harrop House is still ongoing but its nice to step back and explore some of the reasons why we moved out to the Kootenay’s in the first place.  Life is too short not to stop and smell the roses.  Stay tuned to more of Andrews blogs on the production of the house.  Coming very shortly…………

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  1. So, how’s it all going? Can’t wait to see the Kitchen and it’s storage problems and solutions?

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