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Farm Fresh

I was working late tonight removing some siding in preparation for installing a beam so we can remove the side of the house and enclose the screened porch to make a new kitchen.  Through the dark I saw a shadow and Mikka ran over to investigate.  It was our neighbor Jen, with an egg carton in her hands.

Their chickens had been slow recently at producing eggs, and then apparently had a bit of a burst of laying activity, leaving Jen and family with more eggs than they could handle this week. So, she brought the surplus over for me!

©HarropHouse_com-AD0216_00088Five fresh eggs, still warm from being inside chickens. Colourful, and hopefully very tasty!

Kristie is here to visit in a couple of days, maybe I’ll save a couple for her.


Kristie has arrived and we used the eggs to make awesome potato,onion, kale & carrot hash topped with sunnyside up and some sriracha!


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  1. Wonderful! Save me one please! What a wonderful community we chose to live in.

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