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Death and Destruction

Mother Nature can be cruel.

My first week in Harrop was cold, the temperature didn’t rise above freezing once, and most nights were -10 or lower, the coldest was -16 I think.

Despite the cold weather I spent several days pulling paneling, ceilings and sheathing off the walls in several of the rooms so I could get a look at the framing behind the walls to plan for the structural changes that will be needed.

Tearing into the walls of a house is fun, and destruction ensued in a bit of a random “I wonder what’s behind this wall?” kind of way.  With very little rhyme or reason I removed drywall, paneling, trim and flooring to see how the house was put together.  You have to know how it’s built to be able to figure out how to take it apart and put it back together again.

Exploratory deconstruction in -16c can be a bit uncomfortable, but I when I said mother nature can be cruel, I didn’t particularly mean cruel to me.

The elements have been unkind to the some of Harrop Houses’s former residents

When I opened one of the walls, I was surprised by this little fellow.  at first I thought he was alive, but it seems the extra cold temperatures had caused him to freeze solid, perfectly preserved mid meal, while trying to survive on the remains of his previously departed friends. Death and destruction indeed.


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