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Our Story

Welcome to our adventure in the West Kootenay’s, living and renovating a house in Harrop, BC on the shores of beautiful Kootenay Lake.

We have being living in Squamish, BC for over 6 years.  In September 2015 we decided to change our lives, live our dreams and follow our hearts.  We sold our place in Squamish, bought a waterfront acreages on Kootenay Lake.


We love Squamish and always thought we would be there to raise a family but then life took a turn and we had to ask ourselves what is it we want to do with our lives. Our biggest dream was to live on water with some land for Mikka but still live close to the mountains.  Also, Andrew has always dreamed of building his own house.  Upon a few trips to the Kootenay’s over the last several years we realized this could be a place that we can spend the rest of our lives exploring and living.


Our border collie Mikka is a big part of this decision as she loves to run, swim and play.  She gets to live out her prime and retirement with lots of space for agility training and herding the deer that frequent the property!

So here we are.  Two feet in and no looking back.  In November 2015, Andrew and Mikka moved to the Harrop House to start the process of renovating and I have have been living and working in North Vancouver, BC as an RMT to fund this 7 month project.  Andrew is an Architectural photographer by profession and is taking a step back to fulfill a long life dream.


There will be lots of challenges that lay ahead from renovation set backs to being apart from each other and Mikka, but in the end we are excited for the endless possibilities that lay ahead.  Let the adventure begin!

Kristie and Andrew
& Mikka (woof)




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